In the Soundworld of Modern Music Promising prologue to the 4th International Piano Forum »…antasten…« in Heilbronn

…on Thursday night the 4th International Piano Forum »…antasten…« was opened in the City Museums of Heilbronn. The only shortcoming of the opening concert with Elżbieta Sternlicht was the acoustic of the museum hall in the Deutschhof, which was less than ideal. The hall was completely filled when Elżbieta Sternlicht sat down at the grand piano and made clear at once with Menachem Zur’s »Center« and »Circle of Time« what an excellent pianist was presenting herself here.

The »…antasten…« prologue was a promising one which made clear: here the quality of previous Piano Forums is being continued without interruption.

Uwe Grosser
Heilbronner Stimme, September 23rd, 1999