Arnold Mendelssohn’s Piano Works Recorded by Elżbieta Sternlicht

The Polish pianist Elżbieta Sternlicht, who lives in Berlin, has released two CDs containing the world premier recording of the complete piano works of Arnold Mendelssohn (1855–1933). A scion of the famous Mendelssohn family, Arnold Mendelssohn was widely known and appreciated as a composer in his lifetime, but fell into complete oblivion following his death in 1933. (…)

The pianist has already demonstrated the versatility of her repertoire in numerous concerts in Europe, America and Asia. Beyond the classical repertoire, she also performs works by lesser-known, or forgotten, composers, helping to secure a new audience for these composers and their works.

In addition to the works of Arnold Mendelssohn, Elżbieta Sternlicht has also recorded three CDs of piano works by Fanny Hensel née Mendelssohn (1805–1847).

Ludwik Lewin
Reunion, Israel, 6 June 2018
Słowo Żydowskie, Warsaw, August 2018